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The Fevered Sycophant

Another render for my underground series and for the BlenderGuru 'Fantasy' competition. After lots of wheel-spinning on a few other ideas, seeing the theme of the new BG contest gave me an excuse to start over with a whole new scene.

Going in, this scene was based on the idea of a creature with an elephant nose - all the better to snivel with. The makeshift shrine came about since I needed something for him to be sniveling at, and the book was my first and probably best idea for something to put in the alcove.

I did learn from my Sphinx scene not to make the environment as one sculpt, which would have been especially ill-advised in an enclosed space like this. Instead, I took some of my previous blending and smoothing techniques to 11, smearing the busy rock textures into a smooth clay surface. Thanks to the shadow catcher option in Blender 2.79, I could render out some pebbles to comp in on top and keep some of the detail.

Anthony pilon sycophant

Post-process breakdown (HQ)

Anthony pilon shrine viewport

The icosphere is an absorption volume, to pull some of the light out from around the book itself.

Anthony pilon shrine ao

The creature started as a Makehuman basemesh before going through Dyntopo, retopo back onto the mhx, and finally Multires. Then it was on to Painter.

Anthony pilon creature closeup

I'm slowly improving, but my anatomy sculpting is still far from perfect. With such soft light in the scene, I had to exaggerate the contrast in the textures, hence the bright orange. Something to avoid in future scenes.

Anthony pilon book closeup

An eerie ship, with a perpetual entourage of things that go bump. There must be some kind of hierarchy to this underworld, and this book tells of a particularly nasty boogeyman. Pattern began in Inkscape, eroded in Designer, then assembled in Painter.

Anthony pilon tunnel concepts

I sketched a couple ideas for the hallway before jumping into Blender to set up the exact layout. The creature sketch I did a while back, in a small batch of monsters that didn't really fit into anything else.

Post-process breakdown (mirror)