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The Pit and the Wretched Sphinx

Installment 4 of my underworld creepy-crawlies. I love how ideas can take shape sometimes; this one started as just the image of a sneering creature asking riddles, perched above a long drop. Everything else gradually came out of that.

This is the first time I've groomed a full creature with hair, I wanted a stringy and patchy look that I couldn't find another way of doing. My favorite rock-with-mossy-particles environment is back again, though this time a lot of the denser moss is done with particle instances, rather than all hair strands. I generated several moss/lichen shapes with the sapling addon for Blender, and scattered them across the scene geometry.

A word to the wise, if you want to have responsive vertex painting, don't sculpt the entire scene as one dyntopo object. I like the look that it ultimately gave me to have a carved environment, but for future projects I'm going back to building it in pieces.

Anthony pilon sphinx pit

Post-process breakdown

Anthony pilon sphinx pit

Original concept. I was originally going for a much different color palette than I have used on my other creatures, but when I got into lookdev on the environment, I found that blue and purple didn't work as well with this scene.

Anthony pilon render 01 viewport

Viewport capture. Here you can clearly see the lichen 'trees' instanced with the moss hair.

Anthony pilon render 01 ao

Ambient occlusion