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Shaders XYZ Candy Challenge + Nodetree

My entry for the candy challenge:
High-res nodetree:
I used microdisplacement and particle instancing for the sugar, and some slight Voronoi F2-F1 displacement to break up the surface. The candy is mainly a translucency/SSS blend. I tried a refraction+volume approach, but I couldn’t get the light scattering to behave the way I wanted, especially on the mix of yellow and white candy. In the end I used no volume and only a little glass to hint at refraction on the surface. I’m not entirely happy with how the green candy turned out, though it might be affected by lighting and camera angle differences from the reference. I mixed in more of the glass shader on the green to get a bit of lightening on the tip and darkening further down; if I have time later on I might tweak it some more. Overall though, I like where this is.

Anthony pilon candy beauty
Anthony pilon candy clay
Anthony pilon sugar displacement

Displacement map I generated in substance designer